Every blog has a slant. This is where DollyCare stands:

1. Dollycare does not advocate "boycotts" of sweatshops. Informed consumers are a worker's strongest ally. Boycotts can be useful in some cases, but Dollycare focuses on letter-writing campaigns and supporting companies with progressive pro-worker policies (8-hour work days, equal pay, anti-discrimination, union rights, etc.) No one is perfect, but any company (or person) is capable of reform.

2. This blog cares about the environment. Millions of new dolls are produced each year, despite the thousands that are thrown out or sitting in thrift stores. Doll production is labor- and resource-intensive. Aside from the pollution caused by boxes and twisty-ties, it takes more gasoline to transport new dolls across state and country lines than it takes to bring used dolls to Goodwill. DollyCare urges readers to support their local thrift shops instead of big chain stores.

 3. This blog cares about animals. DollyCare features animal-friendly doll restoration products and tips, and will always list if a product was tested on animals or contains animal products.

4. This blog does not support views that dolls are a "girl's toy." Doll lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and DollyCare does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, race, religion, or body type.

5. This blogs cares about you! Feedback, questions, comments, corrections and suggestions are always welcome! :)