December 2010: Apollo
Apollo before (left) and after (right)
 Apollo is a Bratz Boyz Koby whom I purchased second-hand off of Ebay. I rerooted his hair with Dollyhair's curly saran, in the color "copper," using a size 7 embroidery needle. To style the curls, I brushed them out with a wig brush and then curled each spiral around my finger before releasing it gently.

To take out some of the volume, I gently (and slowly) steamed the hairline. Hot water and humidity straighten de-curled hair, but applying too much will make the hair wilt. Keep it away from humidity.

Backstory: Apollo is the lead singer and guitarist of the 70s rock band "We Were Gods." He loves getting attention--- good or bad. His favorite food is humble pie.

December 2010: Aries
Aries before (left) and after (right)
Aries is a Bratz Boyz Cameron. I purchased him second-hand off of Ebay, and rerooted his hair with RestoreDoll's Dollyhair's nylon hair, in the colors 867 (dark red for the base) and 845 (orange for the highlights along the part). I used a size 7 embroidery needle, and widened some holes with my hole-punching tool.

Midway, Aries tore the vinyl in his scalp! I fixed that by dabbing on a thin coat of Beacon's 3-in-1 Advanced craft glue and letting it air-dry. Then, I carefully rooted new hair into the dried glue, which looked and held perfectly. Just to be on the safe side, I used my hole-punching tool to make a new hairline right underneath the original, and rooted hair into that:
It's a hairline fracture! Nurse, get me some craft glue!
Since hot water won't melt or wash away this craft glue, I styled the hair like normal and added some bangs. The repair job is so sturdy I comb, pull, and swoosh his hair around like a regular doll! This is why it's important to use waterproof craft glue...

Backstory: Aries is the introverted drummer of the 70s rock trio "We Were Gods." He loves poetry, playing various musical instruments, and spiders. He hates being disturbed during the creative process. His favorite food is catnip.

February 2011: Marcia
Marcia is a 1999 Working Woman Barbie. She was my favorite doll when I was growing up, and as I did with all my favorites, I tried to give her a unique hairstyle. That failed. Ten years later, I finally rerooted her back to her old glory--- with a twist. Instead of platinum blonde, I gave her a more nuanced auburn shade using RestoreDoll's Nylon 855 (for the base) and 858 (for the highlights.)

I used a size 10 beading needle on the hairline, and a size 10 needle everywhere else (Barbies have very small holes in their heads, and it's difficult to widen them with a hole puncher.)

My only regret was not using saran. Although her hair is beautiful, nylon feels stiffer on dolls with small, squishy heads than saran does (always use saran on Barbies and dolls with similar head-sizes.)

Backstory: Marcia is a CEO of a media and entertainment company, which manages "We Were Gods."

February 2011: Ethan Zeus
Ethan before (left) and after (right)
Ethan Zeus is a Bratz Boyz "Eitan" doll I purchased from a thrift store in 2010, for the grand total of $1.50. I took off his head, rerooted his hair using wig I purchased at Goodwill, and cut him some long, rocker-boy bangs.

Backstory: Ethan Zeus is the lead guitarist for the 70s rock group "We Were Gods." He is smug, brazen, and always gets what he wants. Women want him, men want to be him--- he's king of the Gods!

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