Monday, August 30, 2010

Tutorial: Fix Frizzy Hair

Some dolls come with frizzy hair, others get that way during playtime. Maybe you just want to straighten your doll’s curls. This is easy to do! Meet Mika, a second-hand Moxie Girl. Check out her hair makeover...

You Will Need:
Large Wig Brush
Tea Kettle (for boiling water)
Small towel/rag

NOTE: This tutorial works on the hair of inexpensive porcelain dolls and generic fashion dolls such as Bratz and Barbie, but it will NOT work on hair made of mohair wool. If you are not sure which hair your doll has, try this on a small "sample" strand of hair.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to Dolly Care!

Melvin, an action figure I purchased from Goodwill in 2010.

Each year, millions of new dolls are bought and manufactured, furthering a destructive cycle of environmental pollution and sweatshop labor. Meanwhile, older dolls pile up in landfills, lay forgotten in lonely corners of the house, or wait for new homes in second-hand stores. Used dolls are often passed over because of messy hair, stains, or broken bodyparts... but these can be surprisingly easy to fix!

Doll restoration is fun, creative, and often, surprisingly simple. It will also save you money and leave you with some nifty skills that you can use to customize your dolls.

DollyCare is a weekly blog dedicated to sharing tips and tricks about restoring, styling, and getting the most of your dolls.

Stay tuned...