Wig Brush (large)
A large wig brush is best for combing large sections of synthetic doll hair. Wig brushes have metal bristles, and are specially made for combing synthetic hair. Never use a wig brush on human hair, or comb synthetic hair with a brush used on human hair--- doing so transfers oil to the synthetic hair. Wig brushes are inexpensive--- mine cost $2. They can be purchased online, at wig stores, and some beauty supply stores.

Wig Brush (Small)
The small wig brush is used to touch up bangs and small sections of hair. It is ideal for short hair, and sectioning off longer hair. Avoid combing large sections of hair with this brush, since it will create frizz. Like the large wig brush, it is intended for use on synthetic hair ONLY. This metal-bristle brush is also inexpensive, and sold at most wig stores or online. Mine cost $2.

Scissors are essential for cutting doll hair. Professional hair-stylist scissors provide the best results (provided they were never used on human hair.) However, those can be expensive. I use regular long-blade scissors. Do not use small scissors or safety scissors.

Tea Kettle
Aha, the tea kettle! Ideal for heating water, and essential for straightening out unwanted crimps, kinks, and frizzy hair. You can also apply hot water with other, smaller devices used for pouring water.