Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to Dolly Care!

Melvin, an action figure I purchased from Goodwill in 2010.

Each year, millions of new dolls are bought and manufactured, furthering a destructive cycle of environmental pollution and sweatshop labor. Meanwhile, older dolls pile up in landfills, lay forgotten in lonely corners of the house, or wait for new homes in second-hand stores. Used dolls are often passed over because of messy hair, stains, or broken bodyparts... but these can be surprisingly easy to fix!

Doll restoration is fun, creative, and often, surprisingly simple. It will also save you money and leave you with some nifty skills that you can use to customize your dolls.

DollyCare is a weekly blog dedicated to sharing tips and tricks about restoring, styling, and getting the most of your dolls.

Stay tuned...


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  1. Roxy your blog is very unique and well thought out. I really wish I had resources such as this blog back when my girls were little and either gave their Barbies a really bad haircut or Barbie's hair would eventually end up in a tangled, matted mess...very unbecoming for a fashion diva such as Barbie.

    Have you thought about doing some of your doll blog posts about such things as collectable dolls, special edition Barbies, historical dolls, etc. just to broaden the scope of this subject ? And then of course there is the subject of doll clothing and accessories. Perhaps do a post every so often that shows a lovely photo of a special doll and then give your readers insightful information about it.

    I know that my girls are grown now and I have no need to do dolly repairs but I am going to follow your blog because I think your blog deserves to have a flock of devoted followers. :) Have you ever thought about reselling refurbished dolls ? You might wish to check out online Markets such as Etsy or might prove to be a very lucrative enterprise.

    btw - I enjoyed reading your comment about my blog post, "Sweat Shops - Alive and Thriving" and I agree with what you said 110%.